Jul 29 2015

Social Network Rant

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Hello Viewers (if I still have any)

social_networksI have not posted to my blog in a loooooong time so I thought I might kick it of again and start writing to give me something to do outside of work.

Let’s start this off with a a topic that is pretty hot in the tech community right now, Google’s decision to ramp down Google+. Now, as you will see, I am an advocate for G+ and love every aspect of it so this post may be a little one-sided, but it is my blog so deal with it. I have been seeing a lot of negative posts about it in the trades and I don’t understand it. OK, I will admit once they started requiring everyone to have a G+ account in order to post a comment on YouTube that was going a little far but I think the majority of the people that were complaining about that were the ones that would flame videos and wanted to keep their anonymity because it would empower them more. G+, in my opinion, has a far better UI, response time, and less junk then Facebook. Using Circles you are able to group your friends, follows, or likes into certain areas and then sort them so the people/items that are most important to you will show up before those that you only want to casually see.  You can then, click on one of those circles and only see the posts from the items in that circle and ignore everything else which makes it really easy to find information easily.  Maybe that is what most of the people are confused about, in G+ I find that I use it more for information from people/companies that are more in my field and Facebook is more a “playground”.
Google/FacebookIntegration is another key point that I like. More and more applications are getting the “Sign In With Google” integrated into their applications instead of just Facebook. I do not like the Facebook sign in because if I don’t sign in with it then the app will continuously throw up a screen when I open it wanting me to add my account. Yes, I get it, that’s how you make your money, but No means No, stop trying to get me to sign into it. And if I get tired of the pop ups and actually do sign in then I start getting ads for other apps like that one in my feed. Google may track items in the background sometimes unless you opt out(see here) but that is the price for being on the internet. If you try and tell me Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other Social Media apps don’t then I say you are very naive. Go and use any search engine of your choice (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) and then tell me in a couple of days you do not see ads items similar to what you searched for do not start showing up in the ads in the app (BTW, that is another thing I do not miss on Google+ is the advertisements you see cluttering up the UI on Facebook.)
Most people that I hear yelling about how thy hate G+ seem to be the ones that just like to have everything spoon fed to them but then yell about how they don’t have the flexibility to do anything. For me, I like having my data synced between all of my devices (Galaxy Note 3 phone, Laptops, Desktop Computer) so I will continue on my path and they can continue on theirs.

Lately, I have been doing less and less posting on Facebook and I am almost non-existent on Twitter but I have been posting and doing more on G+.

That’s it for now, <stepping off soapbox>, hopefully I will get back to posting my regular stuff (reviews, tech stuff, etc.) and keep it more upbeat.



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