Mar 29 2011

In Memoriam: Sweetie

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Sweetie“All good things must come to an end”

It is a sad time in the Smelser household today as yesterday afternoon we had to put our beloved dog, Sweetie, to rest.  She was approximately 16 years old and lived a long and full life.

In June of 1997 my wife, Diane, and I went to a dog show at the University of Cincinnati where my wife was studying to get her PhD in Genetics.  Diane was not feeling well that day but I convinced her to go with me to the show.  We were just going there to look at all of the cute puppies and not planning on getting a dog but as we were walking around I noticed the edge of a cage sticking out from the banner for the “Butler County Corgi Rescue”.  The amount of the cage sticking out was about 2″ and I noticed a little black nose sticking out so I nudged Diane over that way and we asked about the dog in the cage.  The woman manning the booth, Pam, told us that the dog was not a pure Corgi but a mix but she was up for adoption and asked if we would like to see her.  We said yes and for the next 45 minutes we sat on the floor of the Shumacher Center at UC and played with this little 1 ½ year old puppy.

We were hooked.

Sweetie & MikeAt this point Pam told us that her name was Sweetie and she had already had a harsh time in her short life span.  A woman in northern Cincinnati found Sweetie sitting on her back porch during a bad ice storm that we had that year.  The woman left her sitting there for 3 days hoping she would go home but when she saw she wouldn’t she took Sweetie to the local pound.  When she got there she told the people that she was not going to leave her if they were just going to put her down.  The people at the pound told her that she looks to have some Corgi in her and they work with the Butler County Corgi Rescue and they would contact them.  At this point Pam became Sweetie “Foster Mom” and brought her home where Sweetie curled up next to their bed and slept for 3 days.  One morning when they woke up they saw Sweetie had chewed the bottom of their bed post.  Pam was so happy because she knew she was going to be OK.

Sweetie & Diane at her PhD GraduationSo we received the adoption papers in the mail and submitted them along with 3 letters written by people stating that we would be good “parents” for Sweetie.  Then a couple of weeks later we were notified that we had been approved and then for the next couple of weekends we would go and visit Sweetie at Pam’s house so she could get used to us before we took her home.  As we visited we could tell that Pam really didn’t want to let Sweetie go but the Corgi rescue people were pressuring her to adopt Sweetie out because she was not a “pure” Corgi.  So we took Sweetie home and our lives were enriched 100 fold with our “pedigree-challenged” Corgi.

So now our family had grown by 1 and for the next 15 years we were complete.  Sweetie always wanted everybody to be happy and get along.  While visiting my in-laws (who have multiple dogs) and a fight would break out, Sweetie would get in the middle and bump the other dogs apart until they stopped fighting.  Also, if my wife was sad and started crying Sweetie would pin her down and give her kisses until she started laughing and then if she started to sniff she would run back over and do it all over again.

Like everything in life there were the ups and the downs.  Sweetie survived a couple of bouts of Canine Vestibular Disorder which is a deep inner ear disorder that makes the dog feel like they are constantly seasick.  The good thing about Sweetie experiencing this was we were able to help out my brother, Todd, diagnose when his dog, Jasmine, got the same problem.  Between my side of the family and Diane’s side Sweetie outlived 8 dogs.


Sweetie & BuffySweetie & Daisy

So now Sweetie went across that Rainbow Bridge and saw Buffy, Daisy, Nike, Bogey, Daniel, Gruffudd, Duke, Gizmo and many other of her friends waiting for her.  And before she knows it someday we will be reunited with her again.  Our family is a little smaller again but we are much better for having had the unconditional love that Sweetie gave us.

She was the best dog ever.  Yup, Best….Dog….Ever!


1995 - 2011

We love you little puppy-dog.


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