Feb 05 2011

DVD Review: A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

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Oh boy did this movie ever SUCK! (“But Big Mutant… How do you REALLY feel?”)

OK now you know the direction this review is going.  I really love movies and I have never said this about a movie, but that is an hour and a half of my life that I wish I could have back (my wife got so bored she didn’t even finish the movie).  Since this is a remake I am not going to bother putting up the “Spoiler Alert” sign.  Don’t worry, it won’t matter.

This is a remake of Wes Craven‘s 1984 movie of the same name but this time it is directed by by Samuel Bayer.  Checking him out on IMDB shows his last directing project before this was a music video for a video release called “Absolute Garbage” which is what this movie should have been titled as well.  I guess they didn’t want to make it a sequel.

In this version we have the same premise, evil killer and dream master Freddy Krueger (played horribly by Jackie Earle Haley of Watchmen fame) chasing around teenagers in their dreams and slashing them to pieces.  The original Freddy was masterfully played by Robert Englund who really brought the role to life, of course because he invented how Freddy should move and talk, but it goes beyond that.  Robert took the pains of the make-up that he had to wear and made them a part of the character.  The face prosthetics that he had to wear for the scarring of a burn victim was so uncomfortable that it started to show on his face which gave that great sneer.  Likewise, the glove of knives that he wore was heavy and caused him to slump to his right side which gave him a great swagger for the screen.  The makeup in the new version was mediocre at best.  The prosthetics that Haley wore on his face covered so much that it looked like he could not move his mouth to deliver his lines (minimal as they were) and ended up looking like a bad rubbery puppet.

The direction in this movie was almost non-existent.  Camera shots were mostly straight on shots without any thought.  In Craven’s original Nightmare camera shots were set up in such a way to give you the feeling that you were really in the dream until you got to the point were you were not sure of what was real and what was a dream.  In the new version, shots were set up way too wide and lingered too long for a “shocking” scene that when the “shock” came there was nothing to it.  Ooooo your in a dark closet and your face is only covering 1/2 of the screen, hmmmmmm.. I wonder what is going to happen…… oh yea, Boo!

Anyway, as far as the overall movie goes, it was a bust.  Kids run around trying to stay awake so Freddy can’t get them but they inevitably fall asleep and POOF… dream time. Then wake up run around some more (plot… we don’t need no stinkin’ plot!) fall asleep again, more kids die and the heroine finally wins over the evil monster.  Or does she? <evil music>Dum Dum Duuuum</evil music> (Yawn)


Movie Rating:

DVD Extras Rating: none (no extras on the disc)

My final take, don’t even waste your time seeing this version on cable, go rent the original and have a good scare.


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