Nov 06 2010

DVD Review: Toy Story 3

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The Toys Are Back In Town!

OK, I might be the only person left that just saw this movie but in case I am not I am going to invoke the good old….

OK people when you pop this movie into your DVD have a good supply of Kleenex® at hand.  Not only because this is the last movie with the toys that we have all loved for the past 15 years but because when you watch this, memories of your most beloved toys that you loved as a child will fill your head.

To see a description of the movie and my personal ratings, please read on…

The main cast is back: Woody, Buzz, Jesse, Mr. & Mrs Potato Head and Slinky Dog to name a few.  This time their owner, Andy, is preparing to go off to college and he must decide what is to be done with the stuff in his room.  The choices are: 1) Take to college with him, 2) Store in the attic, 3) Donate or 4) Place in the trash (GASP!).  Most of the toys are set to go into the attic for storage and Woody is chosen to go to college with Andy.  But after a series of events the other toys are mistakenly send to the curb for the garbage and it is up to Woody to save them.  Needless to say they are spared the crushing jaws of the garbage truck and make it back to the garage but into a box marked for donation to Sunnyside Daycare.

At Sunnyside, the toys see children lovingly playing with other toys and they believe this is heaven for toys.  All except Woody, who believes they should try and get back home for Andy.  Here they meet the new toys led by and old stuffed bear named Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear (or Lotso for short) where he shows them around their new home.  But all is not at it seems at Sunnyside and soon the toys realize that Woody was right and they need to get back to Andy.

Throughout the entire movie I had flashbacks of toys I had when I was younger (which is amazing because I do not remember a lot from my childhood because of a head injury I suffered in High School) and I had bouts of nostalgia which brought tears to my eyes.  This was shocking to me because only one other film did this to me, a 1984 TV movie called Love Leads the Way, about the first seeing eye dog.

This set also has really good extras to go along with it, especially the one called “The Gang’s All Here”, where all of the voice actors tell of their experiences with all three movies.

Movie Rating:

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So, at the end of the day, I would like to think that late at night, in my attic, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Spider-Man are helping to keep things safe for all of my wife’s plushies up there with them.  And, yes I am sure that Captain Kirk is trying to make time with Dream Wedding Barbie 😉


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