Sep 29 2010

Now A Downtime Report…

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The GroupOK, I mentioned in my previous post that I was hanging out with 3 of my colleagues from Avid, Paul, Manuel and Luis. After the work stuff was done for the day we always had a great time going out together for dinner. We had to entertain ourselves with food and drink because all of the stores in Kaiserslautern close at 6:00 PM (a few select will stay open until 6:30 PM).
Well this one night we found a great little pub that was having specials on Guinness because it was the anniversary of the opening of the first brewery (September 23rd) and with every pint you got a chance to win a Guinness glass (we won four). Also we discovered it was karaoke night (uh oh).
So, after a couple of pints, Paul decides to start off with his rendition of “Deliah” by Tom Jones. The man was made for karaoke and really hammed it up on stage. The crowd was still small but everyone was cheering. After a few “liquid encouragements” it was my turn and I belted out “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard and made the crowds ears bleed. All night we kept trying to get Manuel and Luis up to sing but they would not. So after a few more people sang (the place was packed by now), Paul got up for one last time with “Mack The Knife” by Frank Sinatra. It was this time we all found out we were fans of The Rat Pack style of music and went home singing our renditions of their songs. It was a great night.
That next weekend we were off of work but had nothing to do in Kaiserslautern so we decided to make a weekend trip over to Luxembourg which was about 2 hours away. So we piled into my rental car, a Mercedes E-class (nice), and headed out. Luxembourg was beautiful and I after we checked into our hotel we caught one of the Jump-On/Jump-Off tour buses. The temperature had dropped and we were on the top of the bus (open top). The other 3 were smart and had jackets but I was traveling light and left mine at home and was only wearing a polo shirt. I was fine until about 3/4 of the way through when we went over a bridge and the wind was cold enough to freeze the blood in your veins. That was when I headed down to the lower level (but not before Manuel did — WIN!). So we walked all over Luxembourg, which is a giant castle and fortress, and got to the bottom of the wall and guess what — another great pub (no karaoke this time).
The next day we headed back to Kaiserslautern but stopped by Trier first. Trier is the oldest city in Germany and called “The Second Rome”. It was really beautiful as well, pictures will be posted to my Flickr account for your viewing pleasure once I get home.
Kaiserslautern FountainSunday night for dinner we found this place in Kaiserslautern called “Chuck’s Diner” and they were showing American Football (Yea!) and had free chili so we decided to venture in. This place was so un-PC it made your head spin. Raunchy (yet funny) signs, bras autographed by Ex-patrons and tacked overhead — it was great. So we went in and sat down and Paul said he wanted to get through and entire football game and learn it (he is from England). So we watched the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game and he got to experience everything, even overtime. It couldn’t have been a better game, except if it was the Steelers or if rhe Saints won.
Good times….
So now I am waiting in the airport for my flight home, which has been delayed 3 hours, and decided to get all this down before my failing memory lets it slip by ;). Tomorrow it is back to the grindstone.

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