Sep 19 2010

On The Road to Kaiserslautern (Germany)…

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The Road to Kaiserslautern - Leg #“I’m off on the road to…. Kaiserslautern?”. We’ll that’s not exactly how the song goes, but it is close enough.
I’ve started the first leg of my trip which will take me to Philadelphia PA and then on to Kaiserslautern Germany. As I am writing this I am sitting in the Harrisburg PA International (huh?) Airport waiting for my flight. I am going to Germany to attend training for my company, Avid Technologies Inc., for our Interplay MAM system. I will be coding workflows for this system in a scripting language that was developed by Blue Order, the company that developed the system and is now a part of Avid. Blue Order is a company in Kaiserslautern and since that is where all the programmers reside, that is where I must go.
Over the next few days I will be blogging about my experiences on this trip. Mostly for my wife’s benefit (unfortunately I had to leave her behind), but also so I remember it myself. This will be a trip for business and learning but hopefully I will be able to snap some good photographs as well.
So, stay tuned and hopefully I will give you something entertaining to read.

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