Aug 27 2010

Here We Go…

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OK, I think I’ve finally have (most) everything setup as I want it so it is time to start posting, but that’s not to say things won’t change 😉

A little bit about me…

For the last 10+ years I was working as a Lotus Notes Application Developer, but back in October or 2009 I was laid off from my job I could not find a new position. So I finally found a position with Avid as a Program Software Developer and I couldn’t be happier.  I am currently working on a project for National Geographic coding workflow for their video library.  I still get to work from my home office but I am traveling a bit more and it gets difficult leaving my wife and dog at home alone, but that is a necessary evil that I have to bear.

I was finally able to set up my home office so I can properly use my mad programming skills to crank out some awesome code 😉  Below is my new setup:

Workstation setup

So with the new start of a new job I decided that it was time to get off my butt and finally get my branding started and get my personal blog off the ground.  I had an older blog that was hosted on a site that was hosted by my old company but I let that go stale and wanted to start one that I could control myself.

And now about the name…

Big Mutant is shortened from Big Ass Mutant, which is a joke between my wife and I about me.  You see, I am 6′ 7″ tall and 300 lbs (and dropping) and it is very difficult for me to buy clothes (especially in nowhere PA).  Whenever we would try to find clothes my wife would try to get me to go into a store and I would say “They don’t have clothes for Big Ass Mutant’s” or “They don’t have size ‘Big Ass Mutant'” and it kind of stuck.  So now I use it as a badge of honor and took it on as my brand.  My doctor says I need to get down to about 225 lbs but I will still be the Big Mutant.

What will be here…

There is going to be a little of everything here.  Items on photography, computers, entertainment and anything else that I want to post.  There will be items about my personal life and my professional one too.  But amidst all of it I will most likely have a bunch of humor in here because I thing people take life a little too seriously and need to laugh once in a while.  And that is the role I like the most is to make people laugh…… either with me or at me 🙂


[pullquote]Back off, man. I’m a scientist.
Dr. Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters, 1984)[/pullquote]

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